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"You thought hard about your structuring, thinking, presenting, ideas, etc..that you managed to understand them well enough to share your strategy with others."

-Stefan Papusoi

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"Damian did not disappoint at his Talking About Talking session. Enjoyed the group discussion approach."

-Amanda Follett, Spring 2018 Software Test Professionals conference

Talking About Talking


An informal, collaborative session exploring lessons learned from a career and lifetime of talking.


I began speaking professionally in 2016. I began speaking at conferences in 2014. I began speaking in 1973.

In this informal, educational, and enjoyable session, I will offer lessons learned from a lifetime of formal and informal talking. I will share, and we will discuss (among other things):

  • Why – I began speaking at conferences, and why you might, too.

  • What – Topics I select, and which might work for you.

  • How – I create a talk, and how you can develop ideas.

Come prepared to ask and answer questions as we collaboratively converse, and “talk about talking”!


Anyone interested in learning about or improving their public speaking.


1 hour

Key Takeaways

  • Due to the collaborative nature of this talk, the content and takeaways change each time!


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