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"You thought hard about your structuring, thinking, presenting, ideas, etc..that you managed to understand them well enough to share your strategy with others."

-Stefan Papusoi

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"Damian did not disappoint at his Talking About Talking session. Enjoyed the group discussion approach."

-Amanda Follett, Spring 2018 Software Test Professionals conference

Talking About Talking


An informal, collaborative session exploring lessons learned from a career and lifetime of talking.


About 1 year ago, I began speaking professionally. About 3 years ago, I began speaking at conferences. About 40 years ago, I began speaking!


In this informal, educational, and enjoyable session, I offer lessons learned from a career and lifetime of talking. I share and facilitate discussion on (among other things):

  • Why – I began speaking at conferences, and why you might, too

  • What – topics I select, and which might work for you

  • How – I create a talk, and how you develop ideas


Come prepared to ask and answer questions as we collaboratively converse, and “talk about talking”!


Anyone interested in learning about or improving their public speaking.


1 hour

Key Takeaways

  • Due to the collaborative nature of this talk, the content and takeaways change each time!


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