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Often, what seems to be the problem isn’t really the problem, at all. Often, what seems to be the problem is actually just superficial symptoms, signs, or manifestations of underlying, causal, or root problems. Further, the solutions offered are often specious - superficially plausible, but ultimately ineffective, temporary, or sub-optimal and sometimes even be harmful or counter-productive.​

At Ineffable Solutions, I supplement my vast and varied experience with deep research to focus on fundamental topics at the core of most common business problems, so that I can offer more effective, permanent, and optimal solutions.

Damian approaches challenges with the mindset & rigor of a scientist.

-Thomas Haver, Columbus, OH

Damian was an invaluable member of our team. He brought a fresh perspective to our client’s business and was critical in creating a more transparent and efficient sales process. Most importantly, his abilities to present and foster consensus around transformative ideas helped drive the project’s success. I would be thrilled to work with him again and highly recommend him.

-Seth Glickman, Chicago, IL

Case Studies

Check out these case studies to see how I approached and solved various problems for others. Click any card to view more detailed information.


A mid-sized bank can't fix what they don't know is broken.


A retail company is slow to integrate new employees.


The business and support organizations at an airline have shallow understanding of one another.


A hasty transformation without proper considerations has unwanted effects.