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"Thank you so much for participating in our conference. Your keynote was “spot on” as they say – it was exactly what I had in mind! Our attendees were impressed – your success was our success. Thank you for helping us to make this a great conference."

-Peggy Libby, Spring 2018 Software Test Professionals conference

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"As someone in a transition from an individual SDET role to a manager role, Damian's keynote provided me a renewed sense of confidence. I don’t need to be JUST a tester or JUST a manager."

-Graeme Harvey, 2019 KWSQA Targeting Quality conference

More Than That


Using humor, improv, personal stories, pop-culture, and more to examine self-identity and unlock your true potential.


“What do you do?”


It’s a frequent first question asked at parties, networking events, and bad dates. And sadly, the answer often includes the word “just”.


When our identity is dominated by our professional image, it can be limiting! Even those that “live to work” have other facets which may contain hidden value. And so, perhaps a more interesting question is, “Who are you?” But, how should you answer?


In this session, Damian uses crowd work, humor, improv, personal stories, and more to examine our identities, explore our interests, confront anxiety, and find inspiration from unexpected sources. Join him to laugh, learn, and “unjust yourself” as you unlock your true potential and rediscover Who You Are!


Anyone interested in discovering who they really are.


1 hour

Key Takeaways

  • The importance and dangers of labels

  • How to deal with anxiety

  • Discovering who you are and who you can be


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