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"This talk should be a book!"

-Jason Sudy

Is This [Joke] Appropriate?


A smart and fun exploration of Risk Assessment, Analysis, and Mitigation in any context by examining the undesired consequences of inappropriate jokes.


Both personally and professionally, there is risk in everything that we think, do, or say. Including jokes! An inappropriate joke can lead to undesirable consequences.


But, how can you avoid undesirable consequences? How can you tell if a joke is inappropriate? How can you assess the risk?

This talk will address these questions, introduce and demonstrate a framework that helps assess risk, and show how it all applies to you in your context.

Learn how to reduce undesirable consequences and much more as we explore Risk Assessment, Analysis, and Mitigation in a safe, topical, different, and fun way!


Anyone interested in managing risk and avoiding unwanted outcomes.


30 - 60 minutes

Key Takeaways

  • An exploration of inappropriate jokes & their undesirable consequences

  • Factors to consider when you "think before you speak"

  • How those factors can help you assess risk in any context



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