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"This talk should be a book!"

-Jason Sudy

Is This [Joke] Appropriate?


A fun, funny, and thoughtful exploration of Risk Analysis by examining the undesired consequences of inappropriate jokes.


Inappropriate jokes often have undesirable consequences. So, it follows that by avoiding inappropriate jokes you can reduce undesirable consequences.


But, what exactly is “appropriate”? And, how can we determine if “This joke is appropriate”?


Technically, “all jokes are always appropriate”. However, this theoretical stance can lead to problems in the real world. Instead, a more practical stance embodies and realizes the idea “Think before you speak” by embracing empathy, acknowledging the subjectivity of “appropriateness”, and utilizing a framework of considerations that helps us be more informed, gain insight, avoid inappropriate jokes, and reduce undesirable consequences.


And, these considerations can not only be used to help determine if a given joke is appropriate, but it can be used to help determine if a given thing (such as “comment”, “question”, “meme”, "outfit", “action”, and much more) is appropriate, as well!


Anyone interested in Risk Analysis and avoiding unwanted outcomes.


30 - 60 minutes

Key Takeaways

  • What are Slippery Slopes and why are they important?

  • Theoretical and practical views of humor

  • Factors to help you "think before you speak"