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"Great workshop! It was highly interactive and entertaining. I am sure the learning will be more long-lasting than a normal talk-workshop."

-Anonymous, 2017 Australian Testing Days conference

Improv(e) Your Self!


A highly interactive and fun session that uses improv comedy to help improve you in your context.


Improvisation is simply the process of creating and performing spontaneously, without planning. By this definition, we are all improvisers!  Since birth, we have all been living life without a script; making it up as we go.


In contrast, Improvisational Comedy - sometimes called Improv - is a form of theater in which the performance is created in the moment in order to entertain an audience. And the details - the context and the purpose - make a difference. Successful Improv requires considerable preparation, and involves learning and using a variety of skills and techniques which allow performers to better extract and expand ideas, make them manifest and meaningful, and quickly adapt to a constantly changing environment and new information. These skills and techniques, which make up the basic principles of Improv, are also fundamentally useful, and frequently applied as teaching tools in a wide variety of diverse contexts and for varying purposes.


In this workshop, I focus on the Improv principles themselves. After a brief introduction to Improv, I explain various Improv principles, demonstrate each with help from the audience, and then collaboratively (and improvisationally!) explore how the same Improv principles might be correlated and useful to various, different contexts and purposes!


Anyone interested in learning more about fundamental concepts applicable to improv and their specific domain.


2-8 hours

Key Takeaways

  • When and how to ask questions

  • The importance and uses of modeling 

  • Fun!


  • Slide Deck

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