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"Damian provided excellent training for our new associates, and helped us round out our bootcamp curriculum with his workshop on communication."

-Scott Preston, 2016 ICC Technology corporate workshop

[UPDATE, 2022] "I’m still using quotes from his class many years later… still very applicable… the fundamentals sometimes get lost with new buzzwords, methodologies and tools but they are still the foundation of everything we do."

-Scott Preston, via LinkedIn

Improv(e) Your Communication!


Using improv comedy to introduce and understand communication, with a focus on miscommunication and conversation.


Improvisational comedy—sometimes called improv—is a form of theater in which the performance is created in the moment. Successful improv involves learning and using a variety of skills and techniques which allow performers to quickly adapt to a constantly changing environment and new information. Now reread the previous sentence, but replace the word improv with communication.


In many ways, improv is not only a great analogy for communication, but also an effective learning tool, as well. As an experienced improviser, and life-long communicator, Damian Synadinos uses improv as a means of explaining and teaching communication. After setting context and expectations, Damian begins by explaining the mechanics of communication. Then, he takes an interactive look at how miscommunication can occur, examines some potential consequences of it, and explores a few methods to minimize it. Finally, Damian fully engages the attendees by allowing them to try what they’ve learned and practice the social aspects of communication via improvisation. Using creative metaphors, critical analysis, and collaborative play, old ideas about communication are reframed in novel and notable ways.


Whether novice or experienced, you will laugh, learn, and leave with ways to help improv(e) your communication!


Anyone interested in learning how to communicate more effectively.


2-8 hours

Key Takeaways

  • Why does miscommunication occur, and how to avoid it

  • How to communicate more effectively

  • Fun!


  • Slide Deck

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