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In 2012, I wrote and submitted a short, comedic play called "Effect and Cause" to MadLab Theatre and Gallery in Columbus, Ohio. It was for their "3-in-30" series of original, 10-minute plays based on a common theme. To my surprise, my play was selected, produced, and received very well. So well that I submitted it to a few other local theaters across the country. Eventually, my play was also accepted and produced in Pittsburgh and New York, and received very favorable reviews. 


  • Pittsburgh City Paper, Michelle Pilecki

    • Certainly the most clever bit of the evening is Damian Synadinos' "Effect and Cause," an amusing puzzle for the audience that I dare not disclose. But I can certainly applaud the metaphorical juggling act by director Joanna Lowe and the bizarre demands effected by Fred Betzner as the scientist, Joe Lyons as his buddy, and Joel Ambrose as the graceful waiter under awkward circumstances.

  • Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Christopher Rawson

    • I have to admit to suffering One-Act Play Overdose, such that a few of Future Ten's eight are fuzzy in both my memory and notes. But two are the kind of clever pleasures you can't wait to tell people about, as my wife will attest. Damian Synadinos' "Effect and Cause," directed by Joanna Lowe, plays backward, but does so with such pell-mell brio that you're constantly challenged to keep up and delighted with yourself when you do. Mr. Betzner and Joe Lyons enact a discussion (I couldn't say about what), which makes sporadic sense but only makes real sense when you remind yourself that each speech precedes the one it follows. Thank goodness for the waiter, walking in backward to remind us to recalibrate. Great fun.