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A mentor is, simply, an experienced and trusted adviser. Informally, I have been using my experience to help build trust and advise people most of my life. Formally, I have been mentoring since 2014.

My Method

Each time I formally mentor someone, the experience is different. As it should be. Each person and situation is unique, and so the approach and results should be, too. However, I also feel that understanding some general, fundamental ideas can help foster learning in other, specific areas.  I often explore why things are done first in order to help better understand what and how things are done.  And so, each time I mentor, although the entire experience is bespoke, I always try to raise and discuss some general, fundamental ideas , such as:

  • Connections & Relationships​

    • Metaphor, Analogy​

    • Empathy

  • Communication

    • Relationship between words and meaning

    • Models

    • Approaches

    • Miscommunication

      • Recognizing

      • Causes

      • Effects

      • Reduction

    • Shared Languages

  • Modeling

    • Cognitive Biases

    • Pattern Matching

  • Relativism

  • Descriptive/Normative Statements and Expectations

  • Context

  • Problem Solving

    • Algorithms

    • Heuristics

    • Oracles

The mentee and I explore and build on these general, fundamental ideas as a foundation as we move towards other more specific areas of learning.


"...this has been so far eye opening journey for me. I look forward to our next meeting. ...thank you for making positive impact on my lost professional career." 

-Bela Legates, Columbus, Ohio

"...for between 1 and 3 hours every single Monday, with only a very few exceptions, for the last 2 years, Damian has spent time with me coaching me and mentoring me..." 

-James Irving, at Australian Testing Days 2016 conference delivering the Lightning Talk, "How I started out in testing"