"This is why the internet was invented."

-@andysrasmussen, Twitter

I Draw Strangers

I draw strangers - for them, for practice, for fun, and for free. Sometimes they request it (RedditGetsDrawn), and sometimes they don't (Favorite Drawing Of Me). Regardless, it's always intended as a small, random act of kindness.

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RedditGetsDrawn is a "community for redditors who want to get drawn and redditors who want to draw them!" I'm the latter. Here are some of the former.

Favorite Drawing of Me


In January 2021, a friend posted their favorite photograph of themselves online. I saw it and decided to draw them. The experience and their reaction inspired me to start a personal project: I find random strangers online that have posted their self-described "favorite photo of themselves"...and I draw them. It's a real pleasure when I'm able to bring a little unexpected joy to a total stranger.


You can view all the photos and drawings on Twitter at #FavoriteDrawingOfMe, or below (from newest to oldest).


I hope you like them...!


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