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After several years of performing improv, I auditioned for and was cast in several plays written by Scott Tobin and Mark Harvey Levine.


  • ​The Twinight Zone, by Scott Tobin

    • A parody that re-imagines 4 classic episodes of the similarly named 60s television series with a comic twist. The stories investigate the true nature of beauty, human relationships, and the definition of sanity, but mostly make mustache jokes. The show will be presented with glaring inaccuracies in costuming and set design for the 60s and even a general lack of understanding of the actual time period for the setting.

    • Columbus Dispatch preview

  • The Twinight Zone II: The Further Dimension, by Scott Tobin

    • The show is divided up into four sketches, which seemed to get progressively more funny. There’s a stripper suffering from a mental breakdown, a vegas vacation, a suburban alien invasion and a creepy doll come to life. The comedy ranges from sly winks and nods to the original Twilight Zone material to self-referential cornball humor, with a handful of great contextual jokes where modern day items make appearances in the 60s-era set pieces.

    • Columbus Dispatch preview

    • Columbus Underground Review

      • "Stand out performers include Jim Azelvandre and Amy Talbott as the husband and wife duo who fall victim to their gambling demons, as well as Damian Synadinos who nails a variety of humorous accents including the fast-talking casino operator and the corn-fed alien."

  • Up on the Roof, by Mark Harvey Levine

    • Jason is looking for a sign from God. Carrie is looking for a little help with the dishes.

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